Some favorite finds


Life can be so complicated the point of overwhelm! Lately, I've found myself looking for ways to uncomplicate it and keep the chaos and clutter (both literally and figuratively) out. The three blogs below have helped with their simple ideas and approaches to … [Read more...]

A Peek Inside: my art journal

A peek inside: art journal pages •

I've been playing in my art journals...both big and small. I've painted, sprayed, glued, sewed, ripped, stamped, written and drawn. It has been fun and it has been therapeutic. It is keeping me sane... Here's a peek into my play time. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Free printable mixed media bookmarks


To celebrate both the first day of Spring and National Craft Month, I wanted to give you a gift! I designed these free printable mixed media bookmarks to share with all those book lovers that can never seem to find a bookmark when you need one! The printable works best … [Read more...]

The making of an art journal page


I have been following along with the Documented Life Project this year and enjoying the larger journal that they suggested we work in. For week 5, the challenge was to use under paper and the prompt was "What lies beneath. I thought you might like to see what my … [Read more...]

Snowshoeing + a guest post


First up: just a quick note to let you all know that I am guest posting over on the Walnut Hollow Crafts blog today with a super easy painted wood monogram. It is in celebration of National Craft Month. Check it out here! I also wanted to share a few photos that my … [Read more...]

1 wreath • 5 holiday designs


A couple years ago I had this idea to make a St. Patrick's Day wreath. I loved the way it came out! When the next holiday, Easter, came around I wanted to make another one but there was no way I could store a collection of wreaths in my tiny apartment. So the idea of using … [Read more...]

Using fresh flowers as inspiration


I wanted to bring a little spring into my studio (it just can't get here fast enough!) so I bought some fresh flowers to use as inspiration for some creative play time. These tulips are just gorgeous and where really fun to photograph! For my art play, I ended up with … [Read more...]

Use your art journal pages as gift wrap


If you have a small present to give, why not make it extra special by using one of your art journal pages as the gift wrap? Now I'm not suggesting you use the actual pages! Although you certainly could if you wanted. The page I decided to use is Washi taped into my … [Read more...]



One of my favorite bloggers, Blazer Designs, added a fun challenge to Instagram for the month of February...make a pattern everyday using whatever you like. The hashtag is #28patterns if you would like to follow along and see what everyone is making. I have been making … [Read more...]

My selfie experiment


Holy hell, what was I thinking?! This love letter to myself in the form of selfies is hard! I guess that is the point but I can't say that I am feeling the love for the project (read more). It has made me think a bit more about my day...look for the fun moments... even give … [Read more...]

Time in my sketchbook


Welcome back to Time in my sketchbook where I film myself at play in my studio! This tiny journal is fun to work in. In order to use wet media in it, I always glue two pages together since they are thin and made more for writing. I started out with some torn book pages … [Read more...]

With pleasure and gratitude


I've always known that changing your mindset will change your outlook on your life. But...just because I know that doesn't mean I actually do it! Like many of you, my husband and I struggle daily...with finances, our (many) careers, our not so great apartment, our health. … [Read more...]