Watercolor fish bookmarks


I have a thing about turning down the pages of a book to mark your place. I can't do it! I will use ANYTHING as a bookmark not to fold down the page. So what happens when my pet peeve meets a nine year old avid fisherman who like to read? I get to be creative! George is … [Read more...]

In love with raindrops


Every time it rains, I find myself searching for that perfect raindrop picture. It all started with the picture below. I've only managed to capture a few (I've posted them on Instagram) because I usually only have my iPhone with me and there is only so close you can get … [Read more...]

Quick tips and ideas for Halloween face painting


I've shared quite a bit about face painting here on the blog but I thought with Halloween coming up soon it might be helpful to have some of the links to the tips and ideas in one place for you to access. Starting with the right face paint is so important. You can find … [Read more...]

My Society6 shop is open!


I am very excited to share my news with you! I've finally added some of my artwork to my Society6 shop! If you are not familiar with Society6, it is a website that allows artists to upload their artwork to be printed on products that they make and ship for us! It is a … [Read more...]

Sketchbook challenge on Instagram


For the month of September, I participated in a sketchbook challenge hosted by Bridgette at EarMarkSocial on Instagram. I didn't get to sketch all 30 days but that was ok. The idea for me was just to try everyday to draw something. I choose to work mostly with these … [Read more...]

Fall visit to the garden center


I pass this local garden center every day and it kept calling my name to stop and take pictures of all the great fall colors! So one sunny day last week, I did. Enjoy!        I link up at these great parties! … [Read more...]

My 3 must-have art journaling supplies


Since I started art journaling this year, I've discovered three supplies that I love and can't seem to live without! PS...these are in addition to my on the go doodling kit. 1) The Xyron sticker maker. I have the smallest one, so the widest item I can make into a sticker … [Read more...]

Time in my sketchbook


Welcome back to Time in my sketchbook where I film myself at play in my studio! I found this fabulous pin on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try filling in the circles to form a mandala. I drew the circles ahead of time as I had to find all different sizes of … [Read more...]

A Peek Inside: an art journal page


It all started with a Spark of Art-spiration and a feather... The newest challenge for the Documented Life Project that I'm participating in was to add a feather to our planner. I've been finding feathers on my dog walks for the past month, so that part was easy! The rest … [Read more...]

Hand carved eraser stamps


Back in the day, I owned a lot of rubber stamps. A. LOT. I loved them so much, I stamped and embossed all of my wedding invitations and reply cards. Sadly, I gave them all away and now that I've found myself needing some stamps for my art journal planner, I have none! So, a … [Read more...]

Some favorite finds


In the past couples weeks I have been inspired by some finds on the internet that I wanted to share with you. Two are videos and one is a blog post. All three have caused me to pause and rethink some part of my life...both the personal and creative. I hope they do the same … [Read more...]

DIY Washi tape


I have been using a lot of Washi tape with my art journal planner and consequently have been getting totally bored with my collection! I figured it was time to make some of my own. I decided to use some handpainted deli and tracing paper that I had left over from … [Read more...]